Interesting Statistics


Students in grades K - 5


Over 90% of our students received free and reduced lunch


We have five co-teaching classes

  • During the 2017-18 school year, we outperformed the state by 18% on the ELA Exam.
  • We provide Art, PE, Music, and Technology classes to all of our scholars.
  • We offer small classes: 25 scholars per class in grades K/1, 24 scholars per class in grades 2/3, and 23 scholars per class in grades 4/5
  • We are an extended-day/extended-year program
  • We offer a free after school program that focuses on enrichment.
  • All classrooms and office spaces are named after colleges and they are discussed on a regular basis

Family Support and Involvement

  • Student attendance is ninety-five percent (95.5%)
  • Ninety-nine percent (99%) of BCSC families were present at parent/teacher biannual parent conferences
  • Over ninety percent (90%) of parents/guardians expressed satisfaction with BCSC in our annual survey

Teacher Development & Support

  • We provide differentiated professional development for our faculty and staff, particularly related to effective intervention and using data to drive instruction
  • Instructional team members are provided weekly classroom visits at least once a week in each class in order to provide feedback and align PD needs
  • We have developed a career path for teachers that includes acquiring Master teacher status

Current Initiatives

Focusing on Academic Achievement, School Culture,
Teacher Development and Support

  • ELA, Writing and Math interim assessments four times during the year followed by Data Analysis and Reflection Meetings
  • Use of DibelsNext, mCLASS Math and BURST for assessment and intervention
  • Small group work utilizing out of classroom staff and Interventionist across all grades
  • Scholar Celebrations: Academic Awards and Core Value Superstars
  • Enrichment Classes include: Art, Music, Technology, PE & Science
  • Monthly university/college share outs at community meetings and the first Friday of every month is College Friday
  • Committees within the building (100th Day Celebration, Poetry Night, Science Night, Career Day etc.)
  • State Testing Spirit Week (Scholars wear T-shirts that reflect their ambition to do their best on the test)
  • Boys & Girls Support Groups

TBCSC Student Profile

Our students originate from the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Caribbean islands, Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, and several African countries. While all of our academic studies are conducted in English to ensure our students' academic success, our school community respects and celebrates these home languages and cultures.

During the current academic year:

  • Ninety one percent (91%) of our students received free and reduced lunch, a key indicator for poverty;
  • Fourteen percent (14%) of our students received English as a Second Language (ESL) support services;
  • Twelve percent (12%) of our students received Special Education support services.

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TBCSC is working harder than ever to ensure that our scholars receive intensive academic interventions and extended learning opportunities.