Academic Program

We believe that a rigorous academic program combined with a supportive social-emotional curriculum leads to scholar success. TBCSC's academic program reflects the practices that are associated with high-performing urban schools: more time on task; standards-based instruction; research-based curricula; regular assessments; nightly homework; and horizon-broadening enrichment opportunities.

More Time on Task: TBCSC scholars spend approximately 20% more time in school than other NYC public school scholars.

  • The elementary school day is from 8:00 am-4:00 pm and the middle school schedule is from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, allowing for increased time on task for scholar learning.

Standards-Based Instruction: TBCSC uses the Common Core to ensure high quality instruction.

  • Grade - level teams and support team members collaborate regularly to map TBCSC's curriculum, benchmark it against standards, and drive instructional decision-making in a rigorous, meaningful way.

Research-Based Curricula: TBCSC adopts resources that have proven success with similar populations of scholars.

Nightly Homework: Regular homework is essential to mastering content and developing strong study habits.

  • Scholars receive developmentally appropriate homework on a nightly basis to reinforce skills and develop study skills
  • Homework is checked on a daily basis and families are kept apprised of scholar success through phone calls and written logs.

Continuous Assessment: Regular analysis of and reflection on scholar progress is central to TBCSC's culture and to achieving our mission.

  • An Assessment Coordinator leads assessment implementation and data collection efforts to ensure data-drive instruction;
  • All scholars will take four interim assessments in Reading, Writing and Math each year to gauge progress towards grade-level standards;
  • Scholar- and class- specific plans are created following analysis of Interim data;
  • All scholars take the Terra Nova (Complete Battery for Grades K-2, Common Core for Grades3-5). This both complies with our Charter Accountability Goals, and gives the school an end-of-year snapshot of scholar mastery of grade-level standards;
  • Scholars in grades 3-5 participate in the NYS English Language Arts and Mathematics exams;
  • Scholars in grade 4 participate in the NYS Science written and Performance exams;
  • English Language Learners (ELL) in grades K-5 are required to take the NYSESLAT exam. This is the only exam that determines whether or not a scholar can test out of the ELL program;
  • All incoming Kindergarten scholars whose home language is not English are required to take the Lab-R to determine if they will receive ESL services;
  • Scholars' reading fluency and comprehension levels are consistently monitored with DIBELS and TRC;
  • Scholar's foundational math skills are monitored using mClass math

Targeted Intervention: TBCSC provides a program of intensive academic support for scholars who enter school significantly below grade level.

  • A Director of Scholar Support Services works to ensure that the needs of each scholar performing below level are addressed. In addition to ensuring that all ELL and Sped scholars receive their mandated services.
  • An ELA Coach works to ensure fluidity in literacy instruction as well as targeted intervention in the area of literacy.
  • Two and one half ESL teachers work to provide mandated ESL instruction.
  • Kindergarten classroom teachers are supported by Resident Teachers (one per class) to ensure individual attention for scholars performing at all level.
  • Integrated Co-Teaching pairs general education teachers and learning specialists to provide increased instructional intensity for scholars in grades 1-5.

Enrichment: Our enrichment program ensures that scholars enjoy a variety of specials activities which contribute to scholar success both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Full-time art, technology and physical education instructors ensure that scholars have exposure to the arts and healthy lifestyles.
  • A full-time science teacher ensures that scholars have lab experiences in addition to the literacy-based science instruction they receive from classroom teachers.

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TBCSC is working harder than ever to ensure that our scholars receive intensive academic interventions and extended learning opportunities.