Academic Program

We believe that a rigorous academic program combined with a supportive social-emotional curriculum leads to scholar success. BCSC's academic program reflects the practices that are associated with high-performing urban schools: more time on task; Common Core standards-based instruction that is monitored through consistent formative assessments; nightly homework; and horizon-broadening enrichment opportunities.


TBCSC believes that the only way a school's curriculum can be truly guaranteed is when teachers work collaboratively to do the following:

  • Study the intended curriculum.
    • Unwrapping/deconstructing standards to identify embedded learning targets-aids in the design of aligned instruction and assessments
    • Provides collective clarity across the team about the end in mind of the standards.
  • Clarify how the curriculum translates into scholar knowledge and skills.
    • Identifying what scholars are expected to know, understand and do/demonstrate
  • Commit to prioritizing "power standards," within the curriculum.
    • Establish general pacing guidelines for delivering the curriculum.
    • Developing common pacing guides/calendars provides the team with opportunities to think carefully about how assessment, intervention and extension fit into planning.
  • Commit to teach the agreed-on curriculum
  • Use data from common formative assessments as a guide to direct subsequent instruction


A Director of Assessments and Data leads assessment implementation and data analysis. The following table highlights the assessments that are implemented at BCSC.

If a scholar enters BCSC after the school year's start date, the Director of Assessments and Data coordinates the facilitation of diagnostic assessments within the first three days of the scholar's arrival.

Name/Type Grades Subjects
Mock State Exam/Summative 3rd - 5th ELA and Mathematics
Comprehensive Benchmark/Summative K-2nd ELA and Mathematics
Bi-Weeklies/Formative K-5th ELA and Mathematics
Running Records/Formative K-5th Reading
NYSESLAT - determines ELL Level K-5th English Proficiency: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
NYS ELA Exam/Summative; Criterion Referenced 3rd - 5th ELA
NYS Mathematics Exam/Summative; Criterion Referenced 3rd -5th Mathematics
NYS Science Exam 4th Science

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The BCSC is working harder than ever to ensure that our scholars receive intensive academic interventions and extended learning opportunities.